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Memoirs of the Rev. Ammi Rogers, A. M.

 By Ammi Rogers


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By Ammi Rogers
Published 1846
Printed by Knowlton
& Rice, for the author
264 pages
Original from Harvard University
Digitized May 10, 2007
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lanman, inman, peck
lanman, salter, berger
perjury, dreadful, innocent
detestable, robes, rogers
persecuted, forgive, punished
asenath, downer, jewitt
asenath, halsey, gurley
hickox, griswold, beardslee
ballston, branford, vestrymen
sandusky, trowel, josiah
episcopal, foreordained, saviour
exhorteth, reproveth, prayeth

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Norwich - Page 150
Rogers moved to introduce the principal witness and was refused by the court, that in October last he went to Norwich after said Rogers when the time ...
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Preston - Page 117
of more seduction, and of more fornication and debauchery than any man who ever lived in Preston ; and I appeal to every person, man or woman in that ...
more pages: 59 78 79 89 131 151 168
Schenectady - Page 32
I had been duly appointed and constituted one of the first members of the corporation of Union College, in the city of Schenectady. constantly ...
more pages: 16 17 20 28 127
Derby - Page 162
Joel Chalfield, one of the wardens of Union Church in Derby, gave the most unexceptionable testimony in my favor. ...
more pages: 15 41 43 47 57 92
Hartford - Page 142
in the presence of a great concourse of people who had assembled in the Senate Chamber, in the city of Hartford, to hear this extraordinary case. ...
more pages: 5 30 141 168 261
Albany - Page 208
or any other person to make the people of Albany believe that they had gone through the North River dry shod and on dry ground if it were not true.
more pages: 22 207
Galway - Page 173
John's Lodge in Greenfield, the Lodge in Galway, Montgomery Royal Arch Chapter in Stillwater, and many other Lodges and Chapters in the County of ...
more pages: 28
Derby, Conn - Page 42
Derby, Conn. In compliance with the request contained in a letter which I lately received from you and the Rev. Mr. Todd, I have to observe, ...
New-Haven - Page 41
Andrews, of Derby, in the county of New-Haven, and state of Connecticut, of lawful age, do testify and say, that I was at the convention of the Bishop ...
more pages: 9 56 61 133
New-York - Page 25
I was at the same time a member of the convention of the Episcopal church in the state of New-York, and it is believed that few clergymen of my age ...
more pages: 17 21 23 30 42 49 93 127 166 209
Simsbury - Page 4
imprisonment in Newgale state prison, in Simsbury mines, for life, and there they both died, constantly pro-testing their innocence to their last ...
Philadelphia - Page 25
He then look his hat, went off, apparently in anger, and I was ii/most unanimously elected ; went to Philadelphia on tl<at business, and was a member ...
more pages: 24 224 259
Bolton - Page 66
On Friday forenoon I performed service in Bolton, about eight miles, in a house purchased by Episcopalians, and fitted up for a place of stated ...
more pages: 74
Stafford - Page 66
Johnson, owner of the establishment at the springs in Stafford, for a particular invitation to stop and breakfast with him, we proceeded to Ando- ver, ...
more pages: 74
Boston - Page 40
The churph in Wallingford, at this time, sent to Boston and purchased an excellent organ. In Durham, where the service of the church had never been ...
more pages: 38 221
Canterbury - Page 65
Cleaveland's in Canterbury, where" I performed service to an attentive and respectable audience, ardent in the cause of the church, and dispassionate ...
more pages: 74
Baltimore - Page 79
a verdict of $600 against them, before the Superior Court in Fairfield—after I had appealed to the General Convention in Baltimore, and the House of ...
more pages: 5
Rome - Page 218
He continued his ministry in Lngiand and in different parts of Europe find in Asia, for 35 years, when he returned to Rome and was beheaded there, ...
more pages: 253
Paris - Page 28
in Utica, in Paris, and in various parts of the county of Otsego ; and in many other parts of the country, did I, as opportunity offered, extend the ...
Newark, NJ - Page 32
Philadelphia, Newark, NJ New-York, Albany and Schenectady; in Hartford, Boston and Providence, and in many other towns and places; but the time was ...
Norwalk - Page 18
Oglesvie, of Norwalk, made the same statement and request, and obtained the same recommendation. I then . went to the Rev. Mr. ...
Manchester - Page 22
Joshua Bloore, a gentleman from Manchester in Eng-land, who came to this country and settled as a merchant in Albany, and afterwards moved into the ...
Kinderhook - Page 4
tried and Condemned to hard la-bour in the State Prison of New-York during their nat-ural lives, for a burglary committed in Kinderhook ; and ...
Andover - Page 74
church in Hebron, in Jewett City, in Poquatanic, in Canterbury, in Hampton, in Stafford, in Andover, in Bolton, and in Columbia, duly notified and ...
Lisbon - Page 59
a handsome village, which was then a part of the town of Preston, and near Lisbon, but is now a part of the town of Griswold, in New-London county. ...
Branford, Conn - Page 181
Thomas Rogers, of Branford, Conn, who was the son of Josiah Rogers, of Branford, who was the son of Josiah Rogers, offiranford, who was the son of ...
Waterbury - Page 57
Humble petitions from the church in Bran- ford, in East-Haven, in Northford, in Wallingford, in Durham, in Woodbridge, in Salem, part of Waterbury, ...
Exeter - Page 181
of Dedham, in England, who was the son of Noah Roger?, of Exeter, in England, who was the son of JOHN ROGERS, a Minister of the Church of England, ...
Saint Paul - Page 256
How bishops and deacons and their wives should be qualified, and to what end Saint Paul wrote to Timothy of these things. ...
Athens - Page 252
Paul at Thessalonica, Berea, and at Athens. Some) are converted. XVIII. Paul labored) with his hands, and preaching at Corinth, ...
Jerusalem - Page 217
James was the first Bishop in Jerusalem, and finally sealed the truth of his religion by being beheaded there under the order of Herod. ...
more pages: 198 199 242 245 246 249 250 251 252 255
Damascus - Page 252
Saul going towards Damascus, is called to die apostleship. Tb* Jews lay wait for him Tabitha raised. X. Cornelius iendeth for Peter. His vision. XII. ...